Don't be THAT client (2/6) - Knowing the Design You Want

Updated: Apr 19, 2019

We've all been there, we're hanging a picture up on the wall and we ask a friend to stand back to see if it's straight...."move it up the other side....just a little....too much....too little....little more....let's try it on this other wall instead!" As we stare off in irritation. Or how about choosing what color to paint the bathroom? You have five color samples of five different shades of blue. You're going back and forth with your significant other... "this one is TOO blue, that one isn't blue enough, and that one is a boring blue, it needs to be more purple, but not purple. You know? Honey?" Meanwhile your significant other took off to go look at the different wood slats for the fence, contemplating the same things...only one might be too woody.


Not knowing what you want from the start of your design is completely fine. That's why we're here and that's why you hired us, correct? In a perfect world, the perfect client would know EXACTLY what they're looking for even when they don't know what that is. At the very least, they'd know how to describe exactly what it is they are wanting.

When telling your designer the changes you'd like to see in your revisions or what you're looking for in your business card or other designs, try avoiding descriptions that are contradicting, vague, or broad. Know what you are looking for even if you don't know what that is. Simple descriptions like "a shade or two darker", "warm colors", "can we see the image moved over to the left at 2 clicks, 5 clicks, and 10 clicks", "can the image appear more on the animated side of the design rather than the realistic concept?" These are all great ways to to suggest changes. Colors or images that seem to be "more blue" or need to be "less dynamic" will translate very differently to your designer.

Also remember, we are not mind readers and we take your comments very literal. My best advice, describe what you want in more words than what you think is needed. Just make sure it makes sense, this will help your designer sleep at night...which is very much needed to get you that perfect design.

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