How to be more social. Social media marketing strategies.

The words "social media" have become more and more normal these days as breathing. We even see new career paths like social media influencer and social media martketer or content creator. It's no doubt that the social media platforms have become a reliable resource as the 5 o' clock news....maybe for the better or worse. So how can social media help in the business world for startups, established companies, and entrepreneurs and why should it be utilized? Well, let me first lure you in with the fact that it's FREE.

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Free Real Estate.

Having a social media business account costs zero dollars. That's right, one of the few business tools that will not cost you anything out of pocket (unless you pay for the ads). Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the top social media platforms used by businesses everyday, and they all have the option to make a business account.

But Why?

Having a an online presence is vital for a business, we are on our phones a majority of the day, especially as business owners. Social media content helps with business exposure and drive more traffic to your website and your business. But it's more than just posting a photo here and there and updating a status. Just like anything in business, there is rhyme and reason and a process to everything.

The How.

You'll need to know who your ideal client is. This way you will be able to gauge the kind of content you'll be putting out there and how to attract said clients. It will also be helpful if you do decide to take advantage of the paid ads, which allows you to target your audience.

What are your strengths? Do you have a specialty or niche in your industry? How do you stand out from your competitors? Social media is cut throat (a bit of an exaggeration, but none the less), so you'll need to some attention getters with your audience, whether they are your normal social media friends or possible prospects.

Create a funnel. Nobody likes to be pitched to right away and social media can be thought of as a lead capture. So create a funnel or process that so that your social media is our starting point. From there move on to email campaigns, promotions, targeted ads then finally the closing deal.

Figuring out how you can make social media work for you and how to promote your business will take some practice, but you'll get the hang of it.

The Game Plan.

Here are 5 social media tricks that you can use to help with content creation and marketing:

1. Get content from your users/customers/clients.

2. Post to your stories.

3. Use Chatbots.

4. Understand your analytics and the algorithms (dark social).

5. Use the ads and promotional features to reach your targeted audience.

And a bonus tip....ENGAGE! Engage with your followers and audience. This means genuine replies to any comments, answering questions, and doing the same for those you follow and that are in your same industry and niche.

Not the Answer.

Although social media accounts are free to create business profiles, it's not the only answer to your online presence, it's just another tool to use. It's not a substitute for an actual's just rented land.


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