So You Think You Can Dance?? Don't be THAT client (3/6)

Updated: Apr 19, 2019

Alright, so you've got this business idea in your head. You go ahead with it and get all your necessary licenses and documents, and now all you need is a logo, a business card, and website. You do your research and carefully look through designer portfolio after portfolio looking for one that you feel will best represent the look and style of your new business.

Scenario one: you hire a designer and you go through a design briefing with them, breaking down the direction of the designs, the color palette, fonts, and mood. Perfect! To this designer, you are a dream! You know what you want and what you're looking for to a tee!

Scenario two: you hire a designer and go through the design briefing with them and come to find out, you have NO idea what you want. You don't know what you want your logo to look like and how to best represent your new business. You love the color pink but it doesn't seem to fit the mood of your business so you're not sure what your color palette should look like. Should you go with a bubbly, soft, fun look or a classic, sleek, traditional look? You have no idea where to start, you just know you need this designer to make everything happen. To this designer, that's completely okay too. I, personally, love these challenges.

In these scenarios, you have one client that knows what they want and you have another who doesn't even know where to start. Like I said, both are fine. But do you know what isn't fine? Scenario three client....

Being a know-it-all when you know little...

Scenario three: you hire a designer, you start to go over the design brief with them. You have zero graphic design skills and knowledge, but you want to seem like you know what you want. So you google a few "graphic design basics"....during your next meeting, you tell your designer want the logo in a vector format, the fonts to have precise kerns, and the resolution to be set at 300dpi...oh and here's a website you found about choosing the right web layout. To the designer, you are....annoying.

Freelance Freedom by N.C. Winters

If you know a thing or two about design, great! But don't pretend to know thinking it's going to let us believe that you know what you want and what you're doing and that you're making it easier on us. You hired us, remember? We can also tell when you're just spitting out design jargon, because the examples I gave in the scenario...are literally no-brainers for us, graphic design 101 level. So whether you know what you are looking for or have no idea where to start, stick to those and we'll take care of the rest.

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