Are You in the Yellow Pages...? - Why You Need a Website

Updated: Apr 19, 2019

I might be showing my age here, but when was the last time you flipped...physically fingered through the Yellow Pages looking for information? Thumbing through the alphabetized order of businesses listed on each page, searching for their number to call about information or their address. If you're lucky, they'll have a little ad offering some details that you might be looking for. If you've never stepped out your front door only to trip over this little book full of phone numbers, then chances are, you've gotten on your phone, computer or some electronic device and "googled' the business for information. From there, it takes you to their website.

21st Century Zombie Apocalypse.

We walk around with our nose in our phones, texting, reading emails, conducting business, reading the news, and like the topic of this blog, browsing websites. Take a look around, whether you are waiting on the elevator, sitting on the subway, riding in the back of an Uber, or waiting to be seated at the restaurant, we occupy ourselves with our devices. Just another reason to have a website. It's convenient, really.

Your website is your 24/7 promotional and advertising tool. Where else would you display your works of art, showcase your products, and advertise the services you provide when you are not available to everyone at once. Although it is good business practice to have a business card handy for anyone interested in you and what you have to offer, but you can also provide a website should you find yourself without any business cards.

The Importance of a Having a Website.

It's now 2019, and the last time I flipped through the yellow pages was literally on their website. Yes, even they have a website! One of the first things people do when they are interested in a business, they look or listen for a website address. It doesn't matter if it's the new pizza place you saw on your way home from work, or the fitness center your friend keeps telling you about.

A business' website provides all the necessary information any consumer or customer is looking for. It is the one stop shop for contact information, location, a brief or detailed description, possibly some reviews or testimonials, and samples of the work, services, or product. The content on your website is just as important as the website itself. You want to make sure you have the most up to date information about your business, its events, contact information, and news. The less work your future customer or client has to do, the happier. Meaning, when they do get in contact with you, they can get straight to business.

(Don't have the time or the skillset to keep your website updated? Ask your web designer/developer, they may offer web maintenance as a service. Don't have one? Shoot me an email or call and let's chat)

Look Like a Pro.

There's also that sense of validation of being an established, put together business when you have a website of your own. I'm not saying that you're not one until you have a website, I'm just saying, it helps. If you sign up for business pages and social media, there will always be a spot for you to enter your website address; that's going to be the viewer's next stop after reading the reviews on your Yelp or Google page.

Go to networking event, if the first question is "Do you have a business card?" the likelihood of the follow-up question being "Do you have a website?" is very high once they glance over your card for the contact information and don't see one. They want to check out your stuff first, themselves, then follow-up with you for your services or products.

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